These gorgeous fluff balls pictured below are Billie and Anthony, sister and brother who were around 9 weeks old when they came to us. Their Mum was found on a playing field and kindly taken in by a family who were very surprised when she then gave birth!

The brother and sister both had eye infections when they were born and have had a procedure to remove ingrowing eyelashes, a condition where the eyelashes grow back towards the eye instead of outwards and irritate and scratch the surface of the eye. This led to nasty ulceration on their eyes and sadly they both now have limited sight. They will need another op on their eyes which will be done when they are neutered, but we are pleased to say that they are doing so much better now and we hope to find them a lovely new home when they are ready.

Below are Stanley and Penny at 9 weeks old and they are so alike that it’s even tricky for our experts to tell them apart sometimes! They came to us as a litter of three when unfortunately Mum escaped her family home and went to say hello to the rabbit next door!



The third in the trio is little Thumper and as you can see, there’s no mistaking HIM when they get together for a family photo!

Rabbits are highly intelligent, social and fun animals with very individual personalities and that of course makes them really rewarding as a pet. Our feature picture at the top is the gorgeous Jessica rabbit who is around 15 months old. Jessica came to us after her partner died and she has been a little bit down ever since. She is quite laid back and chilled. She has been neutered and we would really love it if she could be re-homed with another lone rabbit. She would make a great companion and best buddy and anyway, who wants to be on their own?

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