Tilly is the latest addition to join our happy band of pigs. When she came to us she was extremely overweight and had to go on a very strict diet, which she was not at all happy about and made her really quite grumpy! She seemed to enjoy chasing our staff about! She has calmed down a lot now and has lost a lot of weight to the extent that she can now see properly, as initially her face was so fat that it caused her a problem!

The introductions to our other pigs are slowly making headway. The first meeting with Boris and Jamie did not go too well as unfortunately Boris attacked Tilly – probably just showing her who’s boss. We don’t want Tilly to be on her own so we persevered. Boris had his tusks trimmed to make everyone safe and they are all making friends and getting on much better, to the extent where Boris has now even become a little jealous of Jamie if he pays too much attention to Tilly! Could there be love in the air….? We’ll see!