Our residents never cease to amaze us and make us laugh — just when you thought you’d seen it all. But during the course of a day, it has to be said, there can be many more questions posed than answered. For example…

Why did Grumples insist on climbing on the window sill before bedtime, or what on earth is Jeffrey doing with the buckets when he’s supposed to be tidying up? Whatever it was, he felt the need to have a sit-down half way through.

Also, exactly when did Elvis and Baby decide to have a competition for the best hat for chilly days — and more intriguing — who won? Since when did Tiz and Pig (alias Tyrion and Baby) whisper secrets, or was it in fact that Tiz judged the hat competition and was tipping Baby off that she had it in the bag?



Or why is Reggie still on his laptop after midnight?

Perhaps we’ll never know…..

It’s a shame that Tulip doesn’t quite understand that you don’t play musical statues on your own.tulip-playing-musical-statues


Something that’s not a mystery however is who’s in the lead in this one-goat race in a mad–dash moment in the field. OK, Gary – you win. Again.