Our new (recently completed) Equine Arena is going down a storm with our residents. The Arena is in use every day and we are continuing to see the benefits for our animals.  Our amazing team are doing incredible work with our equines and the arena allows them so much more freedom to do so.

It’s important to appreciate too that the Arena is not just for working – oh no, it’s the perfect arena (pun intended!) to have SO much fun without even realising how much good it’s doing you! Cookie has been having phsio and has improved massively after her daily stretches in the safety of the arena.

elvis-let-loose-arena-after-injury-several-wksThe Arena is a blessing for those who have been recovering from any injury and need to take the next step to full health safely. Here you can see Elvis who had to be kept in whilst recovering from a field injury, for a few weeks. We thought he was ready for a good stretch in the arena, but Elvis had other ideas and ran round like a mad pony! As you can see he needed to let off some steam and thankfully wasn’t too sore for it the day after.

It’s also a meeting point of course, for example, Elliot here really didn’t want to do anything before he’d had a chat to the donkeys. Our horse Flash on the other hand, wanted to know how they thought his lunging had gone.

It seems that the work done in the Arena can also be a spectator sport, as our curious donkeys love to have a good nosey at what everyone is getting up to – or, maybe they just want to know when it’s their turn.

Finally, it’s the donkey’s turn and it seems that Ana can’t wait as she’s even leading herself into the Arena! Looks like the poles are not a problem after all for some of our donkeys and the jumps are really quite good fun.

Of course, it’s also so good to chill out with your friends, or to just stand and have a think in peaceful surroundings…

All in all, the arena has made such a difference to our animal’s lives, so thank you!