Yes believe it or not the sun is starting to shine on and off and our horses, ponies and donkeys (and Muffin the Mule!) just love it. It’s time to kick up their heels and have a play around before settling down to the serious business of grazing on the lovely new grass. Here are some happy grazing pics and contentment is the name of the game:

Of course the sunshine does bring an annoyance with it for some of our equines in the form of those pesky flies. So we protect them with fly rugs and this makes them much more comfortable. We have been lucky enough to have some fly rugs donated so our thanks goes to all those who helped – our big guys are very grateful as you can see:

Speaking of the big guys, this group broke in to our hay making field recently and enjoyed an all-you-can-eat buffet! Of course they look like butter wouldn’t melt but those ARE cheeky faces!


Sean Conal Fergal Adam up to no good Apr17 CROPSpeaking of cheeky, you will enjoy this pic of Sean, Conal, Fergal and Adam definitely up to no good in the field but pretending that nothing has happened by putting on their innocent ‘who me? No way’ faces. Cute though I’m sure you will agree!

Flash birthday boy (15) 24.4.17 5And finally, a birthday celebration as Flash had his 15th birthday on 24th April. No birthday is complete without a special birthday cake for the special birthday boy and although this cake may not be our cup of tea, it was certainly a winner for Flash!