Meet Barry and Mimsy, the latest arrivals to join our rabbit family. One thing is for sure – you can’t miss them! They are a pair of Continental Giant Rabbits which is one of the largest breeds of rabbit. You can tell just how big they are in the photos with Becky and Leila and you could say they are more like a pet dog than a bunny! Barry and Mimsy are inquisitive and friendly and like to be fussed over.

Also pictured here is little Joe, who is a Dwarf Lionhead. Joe was a stray and was found under a hedge with a large bite wound to his neck. It was lucky he was found as he is now doing well and responding to his treatment. Fortunately Joe has landed on his feet – and speaking of feet, check out the size of Barry and Mimsy’s feet – whoppers!

barry and mimsy, becky & leilaBig or small, they all rate very highly on the cute and cuddly scale!