We’d like to introduce everyone to Bleakholt’s new Mule inhabitant, Marty.

Marty was admitted to the sanctuary on 5 January 2018 using an emergency stable as he was desperately in need of a new home. His previous owners firstly abused him and then moved from their property, leaving poor Marty behind in conditions that were far from pleasant or suitable. Marty was abandoned in a garden with all kinds of discarded items and only a small garden shed to call home. Luckily for Marty some kind people noticed and tried to provide bread and cereal as food until help could be found.

However, despite all that he’s experienced in his short life and then going through being rescued and moved to Bleakholt all in the matter of a few days, he is taking everything really quite well. He even had his first farrier visit on the day he arrived as our farrier was already visiting. His feet are in such a poor conditionMarty 1st day with donks that it will take a few sessions of remedial farriery to correct the twists and damage, but after this work his feet should be in tip top condition.

The best reaction however was when Marty caught sight of our original Mule, Muffin! Neither had seen another Mule previously and their reactions at seeing another of the same kind was both heart-warming and hilarious as both were doing their ridiculously brilliant Mule sound (which we call a neigh-bray!).

Marty soon settled into the stable and the large, fluffy straw bed. He tucked into his hay and then after all of the movements and changes of the last few days he settled himself down for a nice long sleep! He must’ve been exhausted and who knows when he last had a comfy, warm bed to settle into like that. By the time our staff were going home he was nicely settled, tucking in to more hay – a real treat for poor Marty.

After his vet check Marty was allowed to go into our Arena where he is very definitely enjoying being able to move freely and play around like a young mule should. It was an absolute delight to see.

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in Marty’s rescue and transportation to the Sanctuary. A huge thank you must also go to all of our loyal supporters, as without you we couldn’t offer homes to animals in dire need such as Marty and provide the high standards of care for those animals for the rest of their lives. Hopefully Marty will continue to settle in nicely over the coming days and have a long and happy life here at the Sanctuary.