Let us introduce you to Charlie, who is our light Sussex Bantam cockerel. Charlie was not too happy in his old home as he was housed with 3 other cockerels and was being picked on. This is really not fair! So we took him in in February this year so he could begin a better, happier life. He had a few battle scars on his comb, but settled in nicely and perked up no end!

Charlie is only tiny, but he more than makes up for it in personality. He is very active, very handsome – and a bit cheeky it has to be said! He is always out and about very early and his high pitched ‘cock-a-doodle-do’ makes us smile – it doesn’t exactly blow your socks off and wouldn’t always wake you up, but it’s so cute – a bit like him!

Charlie would love it if you would sponsor him and help us to take care of him. A Charlie Chicken sponsorship makes a wonderful gift for someone too!

Charlie recently made a name for himself by making several predictions during the World Cup in favour of England and you can see the videos on our Facebook page. He may have got a bit carried away towards the end (he predicted an England final!) but it was impressive nevertheless! So – not just a handsome face then…….

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