We are thrilled to announce that we have just been awarded a grant of £20,000! The grant comes from Pedigree and Whiskas Feeding Brighter Futures Grant Fund, an initiative that assists rehoming centres by providing much needed grants and food. They also work to raise awareness in the UK of dog and cat abandonment. We were able to apply for the grant as we are a member of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH).

The money will be put towards our new Dog Centre Project, which kicks off with replacing our dog kennels.  We were granted planning permission in January 2018 and so are now all set to start the work as soon as possible.  The donation will make a huge impact on the lives of our dogs and we are really excited about getting started!

The Feeding Brighter Futures Grants award over £100,000 to members of the ADCH each year, to help them improve conditions for dogs and cats when they need to be cared for the most – from new kennel improvements and training facilities to the creation of new exercise and socialisation areas.  They support worthy projects aimed at enriching the lives of dogs and cats in rescue homes so we are honoured that they believe in us.

For more info on our membership of ADCH go to: