In May we took in two 2 day old rare breed Soay lambs.  As they were separated from their Mum at only 2 days old, we knew that raising them successfully would be a challenging task.

We had to bottle feed them every 2 hours at first and then the feeds eventually got further apart.  In mid-July they were 10 weeks old and as they are doing so well, the time is right to introduce you to them!

The male (wether) lamb is called Pan and the ewe lamb is called Freya.

We have now built them a pen which they have taken to really well. Whilst the pen was being built and once they were a bit older, we were able to walk them on leads and they loved discovering new things and enjoying being out in the fields.

Pan has slightly bigger horns that are wider on his head and Freya’s are more central.  Freya is paler in her face, but other than that it’s quite hard to tell them apart!

Take a look at this adorable video of them playing as babies – we guarantee you’ll love it!

Posted by Natalie Hill on Sunday, 15 July 2018

Our dedicated staff have been amazing whilst hand rearing them which is a lot of hard work 24/7, but all credit to them for pulling them through and keeping them safe.

Pan and Freya will be available to sponsor soon and we would love it if you would help us to raise them.

Here’s the latest pics of them taken on 17 July as they are let out into the paddock:

UPDATE 3 September 2018 – latest pics!  They are doing SO well and just loving playing in their paddock.  Look how they’ve grown!