Those of you who know our crossbred Kunekune pig Boris will notice a big change in his appearance during the summer months and people often ask us if he’s OK. But there’s nothing at all to worry about, he isn’t ill, or anything like, he just goes through a drastic summer moult! The change is quite dramatic though I think you’ll agree with the ‘before’ (top pic) and ‘after’ pics.

Our friendly and intelligent Boris is just the same. He is quick to learn too, especially if it gets him to the food! Boris came to us back in 2015 and not much is known about his background. According to what we do know, Boris was unwanted and was going to be put to sleep until a good Samaritan stepped in and brought him to us.

He now lives very happily with us and his piggy friends Jamie and Tilly. He can be quite the poser too and check out the fluffy tail!

Boris is available for sponsorship and we would love it if you would like to help us to take care of him.