25 January 2019 – Meet the beautiful Cocopop who joined us at Bleakholt this week. Cocopop came in as a stray and sadly he came to us with cat flu, sore skin from fleas, an ear infection from ear mites and needs a dental. Cocopop is just one of the many cats coming into the cattery in poor condition.

Luckily Cocopop is recovering in a foster home at present but nearly all his health problems would have been prevented had he been flea treated and vaccinated. This is so important.

Last year we had a huge rise in cat admissions in similar and worse conditions. We cannot emphasis enough how important it is to neuter and vaccinate your cats. Equally important is to microchip your cat so if they do go missing, rescues such as Bleakholt can get them back home to you straight away.

Bleakholt do provide a microchipping service for your cat for only £10 per kitty. If you are interested please contact us to arrange a time to visit.