Safeguarding Our Future

Most of you will know that as a Charity we rely solely on donations and legacies for our survival. We have made it our mission to take care of those who have no-one and that is why we need your help. The support we receive never ceases to amaze and astonish us and our success is all down to YOU as we cannot do it without that support.

In 2018 Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary rehomed and reunited over 1,500 animals. This was a much larger number than in previous years and many of those animals came in to the Sanctuary with health conditions that needed urgent veterinary care.

This has caused a dramatic rise in our veterinary and medication needs where prices are already being increased all the time. We want to continue to help as many animals as possible and to do this we still need your help. We are asking as many of our Supporters as possible to sign up to donate just £3 a month if they can, or whatever suits you best, to safeguard the future of your Sanctuary.

As an example of what it would mean to us, if just 83 people signed up for £3 per month for at least a year, that would raise almost £3,000 for our animals! Imagine what we could do together!

If you are able to help, it’s really easy to set up and you can stop it any time you like.

Simply click here to donate via PayPal and choose the option for ‘Make this a Monthly Payment’

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can still help us by setting up a Standing Order using the form below which can be returned to the Sanctuary

Standing Order Form August 18



We cannot thank you enough for your continued support as it is each and every one of you who makes all the difference to our animals


Here are just a few of the animals we helped in 2018