Although the high demand to take animals in continues, we are proud to announce that Bleakholt rehomed more animals than ever in 2018.

Last year we rehomed more than 1,300 animals – 542 dogs were rehomed, which was an increase of 100 on the previous year; 714 cats were rehomed and 115 small animals, such as rabbits and guinea pigs, found their forever homes. That is such good news but of course their places are soon taken by new animals coming in. For example, since the start of this year so far, we have been asked to take in 70 rabbits and we only have room for around 20 so we just don’t have the space available. One afternoon in the summer, we had phone calls asking us to take in 40 cats in just a couple of hours and we are always full to capacity. This means that  we have to prioritise which animals we take in, with the ones most at risk or vulnerable coming in first, although we always do our best to try to help them all.

Here are just some of the stories of animals we committed to look after and rehome at our Sanctuary.

Jack is a sprightly 11-year-old Jack Russell Cross whose owner sadly passed away and after living here for a couple of months there was still no interest. Jack has a kidney condition but isn’t on medication, he just requires special food.

Jack Russell Tilly, 12, came into the Sanctuary as her owner has ill health. Her owner originally got her from Bleakholt 10 years ago and we always give a commitment that when an animal is adopted and it doesn’t work out, or if circumstances change as with Tilly, we always accept the animal back into our care. Tilly is shy but she is a sweetheart and just needs to be the only pet in a loving home.

Luther, 10, is a crossbreed and he doesn’t like being left alone a lot. He doesn’t like other dogs unfortunately but is fine with cats!

Winnie & Billy


Staffies Winnie (11) and Billy (13) have been at Bleakholt for over a year (as we speak) and they have lived together all their lives so need to be homed together. Again, their owner died so it would be lovely for them to live out the rest of their lives in a new forever home. They don’t need too much exercise so they would be perfect for those looking for lower energy dogs.

Lovely Gus, 5, is a collie-cross who is very lively and again came to us as his owner passed away.




In the cat section, Buddy, 16, has just had to have his eye removed due to a tumour but will be available for rehoming shortly. Buddy has to take his teddy with him wherever he goes so of course has been his companion throughout recovery! He has had him since he was a kitten and Teddy has been a great comfort while Buddy has been here. His owner too passed away, but he is so loving and deserves to go to a special home.

Coco, seven, has a sad tale but will hopefully find his home soon. He came to us as a stray in an horrendous condition. He had flu, dental problems, fleas and worms – every preventable condition and the most extreme cases of it. Coco is an FIV cat so we will need to find a home where he is the only pet.

Two kittens who have been really lucky are Kitchie and Takoda who both have hydrocephalus (fluid on the brain) which can be fatal, but these two have been treated, given loads of TLC and have found a new home. Their new owners said: “We have been looking for a kitten for a while and we came up and saw these and they were inseparable. Their condition certainly didn’t put us off, they are just so lovely.”

Meanwhile, in the rabbit section, beautiful bunnies such as young Scarlett and Saag Agloo are on the hunt for their homes. They have been here for a while and we would love them to go to lovely new homes.

Thank you to everyone who adopted last year and we would love to beat our record in 2019!