UPDATE 29 MAY 2019 – Update on Matilda Pup following her life-saving heart surgery in March. Thanks to you, Matilda was able to get the surgery she desperately needed. Just look at her now! She hasn’t quite grown into her ears yet…… Isn’t this just amazing? THANK YOU

7 March 2019


Meet Matilda who is a beautiful ten week old black and white Border Collie. Matilda came in through no fault of her own but urgently needs heart surgery otherwise she will not survive. She is only ten weeks old and with surgery she will go on to have a normal life. Matilda is under the care of a specialist and the cost of the operation is £2,900.

She is currently staying with one of our amazing foster carers where she is being looked after by her foster brother and sister Fly and Echo.

If you feel you can help us to take care of her and would like to donate to Matilda please click on the Donate button on our Facebook page where we will get 100% of your donation, or on the Donate button on any website page. (Any donations over and above our costs will go to help look after our other gorgeous residents).


Gorgeous Matilda returned home on 12 March after having her life-saving heart surgery and the op went really well. The first week is crucial to ensure that the device used in surgery remains in place, so it is essential that she remains calm and rested. Amazing Foster Mum Sarah said she did really well considering she was confined to her crate initially.

That didn’t stop Sarah taking her out and about after a few days, even if it did mean she had to be carried!

We cannot thank Sarah enough for everything she is doing for Matilda and the care our beautiful girl is getting is 1st Class, so thank you Sarah.

We must say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who donated towards Matilda’s treatment and care. We are overwhelmed by your support, generosity and kind wishes.

Things are looking SO good for our girl, so keep it up Matilda!

Thank you for your continued support and please check back for updates