It’s been a gorgeous day today and our animals have been loving the sunshine. There’s been plenty of time to play and then it’s so good to take time out to chill.

Gilbert, Wallace and Gary are all relaxing and taking in the rays. Grumples even fell asleep on top of the goat shelter!

Rabbits Ronnie and Ann simply sunbathed together and Charlie and Violet chickens just came to say hello to the camera!

Some of them may stir when it gets near teatime, but in the meantime – ahhhh……..what a life…….!

8 year old Olive is loving the sunshine too whilst she takes a well-deserved break from playing. Olive really doesn’t like other animals but she DOES like the attention! The girl got some cattitude, but gorgeous with it. Click here for more on Olive or pop in to see her!

Speaking of sunshine, lively, friendly and bouncy, 2 and a half year old Max loves long walks in the sun. Actually he loves long walks. He is so inquisitive on a walk too. Somewhere out there is the ideal walking partner(s) who will take him for a trek in the fields (preferably with some sunshine!). For more on Max click here and then come and visit us!