We recently rescued a group of ex-battery hens whose future was definitely very bleak if they couldn’t be found new homes. They have spent all their lives so far crammed in tiny cages, so most are missing feathers, giving them a bit of a bedraggled look and are understandably quite nervous.

They looked a little bewildered at first, but we hope they will soon get used to their new-found freedom with so much space to roam about. They definitely deserve a new start and we would love to give it to them.

We will be looking for new homes for them once they have settled down and we are happy they are all fit and well. We have already had several enquiries from people offering them a lovely new home so the future is now looking very bright for these girls. We have stipulated that potential adopters will need a secure and fox proof pen and a coop or shed and some experience of keeping poultry. Plenty of TLC and lovin’ is also a must!

Run free ladies and be yourselves!