April/May 2019 – We have been able to take in some new residents recently, so allow us to introduce them to you.

On 13th April 2019 we had two new arrivals on the Stable yard. The chance of two stables becoming available at once almost never happens and as these two beautiful old mares have been on the waiting list for ages and are inseparable, we were so pleased to be able to offer them a home.

watching the ‘big guys’


So we would like to introduce Mazie and Poppet who are both Welsh Section D mares. Mazie, 21 years, is the black one and Poppet at 27 years is the chestnut. They settled in really well and were gradually introduced to the rest of their new herd. Initially this was from a distance and then we allowed them to make contact over the wall. Finally they were able to join our ‘Big Guys’ group which was a great success.

Poppet and Mazie are so bonded it’s lovely to watch and they do almost everything together. Poppet’s mothering instinct is strong so she likes to take care of her adopted daughter!



On 16 May, this little cutie arrived at the Sanctuary. This beautiful little Appaloosa Shetland pony mare is called Summer. She is 10 years old and came to live with us as her previous owner’s ill health sadly meant that she could no longer keep her. Summer is susceptible to laminitis and can be footsore so she will need careful management alongside our other susceptible ponies. She will be staying in her stable initially as her front hooves are still a little sore. Summer is very friendly with a little cheeky and sassy streak which we felt sure would make her a popular play-mate when she goes out in the field with our other ponies. Sure enough, when she met some of the boys from her stable she more or less proved the point! Not only that, she wasn’t fazed by the big guys either!

All of our newcomers are very friendly so do come and see them and say hello. If you would like to help us to take care of any of them, or any of the others in our herds, they are all available for sponsorship.

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