We have recently completely refurbished one of the buildings housing some of our animals as part of the ongoing Farm Improvement project as this was in a poor state. This is an isolation and intake area for new arrivals and can also be used for Vet exams and those needing Veterinary care. The refurb was achieved by using a lot of recycled materials including the stone, roof timbers, windows, flags, guttering and insulation, meaning all these things were absolutely free!

In June, we were able to start using this fabulous building. We have new outside exercise areas for the rabbits, whilst inside the building we have cubic pod style cages that clip together so we can change the size of the accommodation depending on our animal’s needs. The rabbits seem really at home in these as they replicate the burrows and chambers they would live in naturally.

Huge thank you to the Maintenance Team, particularly Owain, who worked so hard on the project – they have really done us proud. We are over the moon with it!