The weather dictates our Haymaking time and waits for no man. So regardless of the fact that it was also our Summer Event day on 30 June, it was time to get stuck in AFTER our long Event day! Onwards and upwards…… we worked until 10 p.m. to get it done.

What a success as we pulled in an incredible 1048 bales this year! That’s a saving of approximately £5,240 and should

keep our hay eating animals through the winter. This really is an amazing achievement.

Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t too friendly later on and some of our equipment did let us down on this day of all days, but we still managed to get all the bales in with some help from our terrific neighbour who rode to our rescue with wheels!

The happy crew taking 5 driving to the next field


This was all possible because of our amazing Teams on Stables, Maintenance and Farm, also Managers Stuart and Karen who all went above & beyond – big time. Massive thank you to them and they should all be very proud. Our Staff are simply the best aren’t they?

Here are pics of our Hay Barn before, during and after to give you an idea:

…and working hard and happy snaps!