Introducing a new member of our fabulous Goat Family in December 2019 – Yorick, who is only 2 feet tall!

We rescued Yorick when someone reported to us that he was wandering about on the moors with no food and no shelter. He was not in a good way and he was also very dirty and very smelly and in desperate need of a bath and a good grooming.

After a really good feed, a lovely bath and some serious beauty treatments, he was feeling much better and you can see the difference in these pics!

On 10 January Yorick went out with the rest of the herd for the first time. He may be tiny, but he certainly knew how to stand up for himself! The feature pic above was also taken on this day and it seems like he may be quite the poser, although to be fair, he is very photogenic!

Yorick is a real smiler and what an absolute beauty we think you’ll agree! Do come and see Yorick and the rest of the family and say hello.

Yorick is also available for sponsorship so if you would like to help Yorick, or any of his other pals, please visit the sponsor page