We are thrilled to receive a Grant of £6,400 from the Petplan Charitable Trust! This is a fantastic boost to our funding and we are really grateful.

Petplan Charitable Trust was delighted to be selected as the nominated charity for Channel 4’s fundraiser, Animal Rescue Live in August 2019. WE are sure a lot of you will have seen the special weeks shows and appeals.

But, the Trust had no idea that several months later it would be in a position to award grants to 141 charities totalling well over half a million pounds.

An incredible £548,995 was donated over the course of the 5 days the programme aired. This was further boosted by those who donated under Gift Aid, resulting in a total of £607,317 to donate to worthy causes.

As you can imagine, the awarding committee had a hard job deciding. They felt that, in the spirit of the programme, it was best to spread the funds available widely to help as many charities as possible.

As a consequence, they announced that the entire £607,317 will be distributed to a total of 141 charities.

To see more about the Petplan Charitable Trust, click here and go to: www.petplancharitabletrust.org.uk

Huge THANK YOU to the Charitable Trust for choosing us and for all their support