We have our own little family within a big family here on the Stables!

Meet Mum Dandy and her daughter April.

27 year old Dandy is a cute, chestnut Shetland pony who came to the Sanctuary with her friend Bruno in April 2020. On arrival she got loads of extra special TLC as she can be quite nervous and timid and doesn’t like loud noises or exuberant behaviour. Now, she is looking like a new pony and has settled in to enjoy a nice quiet retirement. Dandy loves a good grooming and is very partial to her treats!

April had already moved in to live with us, as sadly her owner was no longer able to take care of her.


April is a 12 year old Shetland and was delighted to be reunited with Dandy. Unfortunately, she suffers with Laminitis so she too has to spend extra time in her stable, usually in the afternoon. April is a sassy little thing and likes to tell the other Shetlands that she is boss – and it doesn’t stop there as she does the same with some of the bigger ponies too! April loves to meet people.

Here they are making friends with the family when they each arrived

and finally – a playful bunch! We just love these gorgeous girls.