We thought you would like to know just some of our plans for Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary for 2023 which we will be fundraising for. If anyone feels they can help with these, or you would like more information, please do let us know!


Bleakholt has housed hens, ducks and even turkeys at the Sanctuary. It started by accident when one came into the Sanctuary’s care and there are now a number who live at Bleakholt, looked after by Peter, Farm Section Manager, who has worked at the Sanctuary for 20 years.

Bleakholt also helps to rehome hens that have been used as battery hens and have had a very sad life before being rescued. When these poor hens arrive at Bleakholt they always look towards the sunshine as though they have never seen it before.

There was a temporary structure to accommodate the hens, but now this is no longer suitable. We want to give them a proper, permanent structure of their own where they are safe, warm and secure in their huts with access to outside, where they can potter about and begin the life they deserve.


We have a two-acre dog field where dogs waiting for their new homes go out to exercise and play and where we work with any behavioural issues which may hinder their quest for a forever home.

Work has been ongoing on the dog field with clearing areas and drainage to make it a green, content environment for the dogs to be in with our dog staff.

Around the field are dry stone walls, dating from many years ago. Whilst they are suitable to allow smaller dogs to be kept safe they are not high enough for larger dogs. This results in only smaller breeds being allowed to exercise in the field off lead.

We want to erect a six foot inverted high fence inside the walls all around the dog area to make it 100% safe for all the resident dogs to run around and do all the things they love to do!


This is a biggie! We want to make our Sanctuary as eco-friendly and cost-efficient as possible, so we are looking at ways we can change our site to renewable energy. This will not only have a huge effect on Bleakholt’s environmental impact, but will also enable us to be more financially stable with bills rising so rapidly.

This would include installing up to 300 thermal panels across the roofs of the Sanctuary buildings. This would generate enough electricity to cover over 90% of our electricity use. Costs to have this installed are currently high but they can be installed in stages, which is something we are very keen to do.


Our current van is used for transporting animals to the vets a few miles away in Bury for operations and investigations etc. It is used for collecting animals that need to come into the Sanctuary.

It’s also used for transporting items, including furniture, to our three charity shops in our local area (we have 3 charity shops in Bacup, Ramsbottom and Bury).

It is now over twelve years old and, whilst has been a huge asset to Bleakholt, it is now becoming more unreliable and higher in costs due to repairs etc.

We are desperate for a new transit type van to replace the current one and ensure our animals are safely delivered to the vets without delay.

We have several other projects we would like to start, so these are just some of our forthcoming plans!

Thank you so much to all of you for your support – we can’t do it without YOU!