There are always animals needing our help, but Bleakholt, just like every cat rescue, is struggling to cope with the vast numbers of cats needing our help.
In just 12 hours recently, a litter of ten day-old kittens was brought to the Sanctuary, after being found dumped in a bin by a school. Then, two cats were thrown over the wall by the rescue.
This has been one of the worst years we have known for cats needing our help and we have also seen a vast increase in cats coming to the Sanctuary needing emergency veterinary care. Many of the conditions these cats have would have been prevented if cats were kept vaccinated and had basic flea and worming treatment.
We also urge owners to please get their cats neutered as there are just too many unwanted cats and kittens. Rescues are really struggling to help all that need them.

Thank you for your support – we couldn’t do it without you.