Rabbit Awareness Week returns for 2024, starting on Monday 24th June until 28th June

This year’s theme is “Healthy Diet, Happy Bunnies!”

Are you the owner of brilliant bunnies (or not!)?

Click here to download your free Rabbit Awareness Week owner pack here today! It’s filled to the brim with lots of resources to share with your friends and family, as well as guides on looking after your pet rabbits.

There’s always loads to learn about bunnies – and you don’t have to own one!  They are fascinating animals and wonderful pets, so here’s your chance to get all clued up! Click here too for much more info

Each day will highlight a different topic – why not visit our Facebook page each day to see loads of useful info

Day 1, 24th June – concentrates on Diet and the importance of a healthy diet for your Bun

Day 2, 25th June – concentrates on Health and how what your bun eats affects their health

Day 3, 26th June – the focus is on Behaviour, learn how to nurture positive habits and recognise the signs when when something might be off

Day 4, 27th June – Environment and how to create a thriving environment, making mealtime delicious and exciting

Day 5, 28th June – Companionship, from bonding tips to the perfect diet to keep your buns happy