Boris is tasked with his tusks!

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Boris is tasked with his tusks!

Poor old Boris had to have his tusks trimmed recently as one of them wasn’t growing in the right direction which meant it was affecting his lip. Now the very last thing Boris wants is to have something interfering with his serious eating habits – I mean, come on!

Toughnut Boris was reluctant to fall asleep at first, but when he eventually did, the quick procedure went well. We won’t mention that he snores…obviously. But Boris is a real trooper and although his full recovery took a little while he’s back to his usual self – after all, in some parts of the world, Boris means warrior or fighter!

Tilly is no lightweight either!

Problem was, that whilst Boris has been recovering, Tilly thought she had become top dog (err…..pig) in the pecking order, so once Boris was able to re-join the group there has been some disagreements between the two of them and a definite falling out! Boris wasn’t having Tilly in charge and it seemed Tilly wasn’t that chuffed to see him return either. Tilly is definitely a force to be reckoned with too and when she first joined us she took great pleasure in chasing the staff around and generally being very grumpy!

This all meant that we have had to separate them and reintroduce them slowly whilst they calm down. The status quo is gradually returning and hopefully it shouldn’t be too long before perfect harmony is restored and they’ve forgotten all about it.

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