Project Description

Beaux came into us as a stray. He was extremely nervous on arrival but settled in in no time! He’s a sweet boy who is always the first in line for his food and nothing will stop him from enjoying every last mouthful! He loves talking to you in the morning whilst you make his food. He loves to be with you and will try to sit on your shoulder! He is forever purring and loves to wrap himself around your legs especially at feeding time. The people that brought him have told us he doesn’t like dogs, but they are unsure about cats, although he hasn’t shown any negative signs towards any other cats since being here. He wasn’t around children in their home, however we think he would fit perfectly into a loving family home, with children aged 8 years plus who will understand that he loves some attention, but also often likes a bit of quiet time too. Once settled into his new loving family home, Beaux will need access to the outdoors as this is what he’s used to.