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Project Description

Hello everyone, my name is Bodie, I am a 2 year old foxhound cross.
The big humans tell me I’m really good with little humans and that I have lived with them, so the staff here are happy for me to go to a home with little humans age 7 years +.
I like dogs but I wont go out of my way to be with them unless I’m off lead then I go deaf when you call me back, in my old home I made friends with a cat that live a few doors down, but I haven’t lived with any other animals.
The staff here are going to take expression of interest’s on me, I will need a family that has had experience with working breeds and understand my needs.

I am strong and will pull when I’m on my lead, so I could do with a bit of training.
If you think you could be the humans for me please speak to the dog staff.