Project Description

Bronson is a 3 year old staffy, very sweet but shy and timid until he knows you. Bronson came to us after a change in the families circumstances, resulting in him being left alone in a property. Bronson is looking for a Staffie experienced home who have time and patience to continue his training. Bronson is fearful of travelling and is very reluctant to get into vehicles, so lots of short positive journeys will be required. He was homed but sadly returned as he was reacting to things he was scared of such as things in the park or dogs barking at him resulting in him biting the lead severley. He needs a very quiet home and very quiet settling in period where he can get used to a routine and then start exploring further once settled. He is a very loving and loyal dog but hasn’t had much experience in the big wide world and finds it all a bit scary. He is pretty strong on lead too and a large Staffy size so someone who can manage him on lead would be needed. Bronson is not suitable to be homed with children and would need a pet free home.