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Project Description

Buddy is a beautiful seven year old boy who we are advised is a Collie cross GSD. However you can definitely see his Collie side he doesn’t show much resemblance to a GSD and looks slightly more terrier. Although Buddy is 7 years old nobody told him this and he still thinks he is a big puppy. He came to the Sanctuary due to a change in his owners circumstances and he wasn’t being walked. He was quite vocal in his home when people came into the home and also when they left but this is just exuberance and he is a very friendly boy. Buddy would be ideal in a home where he gets nice long daily walks and playtime. He has been around children and is very used to them so can be homed in a family environment. He can occasionally bark at other dogs when on walks and has not ever had any contact with other dogs so is looking for a home as the only pet. Buddy will also occasionally react to cars coming from behind him but again this has only been minor. Buddy is such a wonderful boy and will make such a loving companion.