Project Description

Chamos was brought in with 3 of his siblings as the owners mother in laws health deteriated and they could no longer cope. Since being here, staff have noticed that he is particularly close with one of his siblings, Suki, so we have decided its best if they’re rehomed together. Chamos is a timid boy and does take some time to come round, but the wait is defiantly worth it, as when he is ready is the most loving boy there is! Suki warms up to new people a little faster, and enjoys nothing more than a good gentle fuss in between her meals and cat naps! Staff think its best if the pair goes to a family home with children aged 8 years plus so they are able to take all the time they need to settle in before getting all the attention they want once they’re ready. After fully settling into their new forever homes, Chamos and Suki will require access to the outdoors as this is what they are used to.