Project Description

Meet Moxli and Dusty! Both are shy at the moment, with Moxli being the more confident of the pair. Dusty prefers to have a quiet spot where he can chill out and enjoy his long cat naps whereas Moxli likes a gentle head rub and a cuddle on his terms. For this reason, the pair would require a quite home with older children (10 years+) as they are quite unsure of new surroundings so we presume they will take longer than your average cat to fully settle in their new home. However, with the right home with understanding owners, we feel they will definitely come out of their shell with time. They were kept inside at their previous home however we feel that outdoor access would be beneficial so they have the opportunity to have adventures! When they came in it was obvious that they had a flea allergy, this has been confirmed that the boys have F.A.D which is Flea Allergy Dermatitis which will require monthly flea treatments on the back of the neck – nothing complicated!