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Project Description

Gilbert is one of a group of goats known as British Primitive goats and came to us in June 2017 and not much is known about his background. According to what we do know Gilbert was homeless and in a poor state of health. He was very weak and painfully thin and had been taken in by a good Samaritan who took him to their stables. They couldn’t house him permanently though so asked if Bleakholt could take him.

Gilbert has made a good recovery and is eating well and despite his ordeal is very friendly towards people and is popular with visitors due to his very impressive set of horns! Gilbert has some problems with his molars which may require a dental op in the future when he has built himself up. We would love it if you would sponsor the delightful, very friendly and cute Gilbert!

Our curious donkeys certainly found him very interesting when he arrived  and gave him a huge donkey-sized welcome in the field!