Project Description

Hehe and Haha came from a vets after their owner relinquished ownership, no longer able to care for them. When they first arrived, Haha was confident was day 1, whereas Hehe took a little to come along. Now they are in a larger enclosure, their personality are truly shining through! Hehe has now turned into quite a chatterbox, rubbing on every piece of furniture and human possible! Haha is not as vocal but loves to curl up on the couch for cuddles or staring out the window watching the world go by. Due to not having much knowledge about their previous home or history, we are yet to know they are with dogs, cats or children, but we are hoping to understand them more everyday whilst they are with us! We are still learning how close they are so there is a possibility they can be rehomed as a pair or separately. We feel they would benefit from outdoor access.