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Project Description

The handsome Humbug is a 4 year old Akita Cross. He has quite a sad story as he was born here and then adopted, but after only 5 months of being in his new home he was returned back to us through no fault of his own and sadly has been here ever since.

As Humbug has lived in a kennel environment for most of his life he can be a very anxious boy. Every-day things such as washing machines, vacuums, TV’s and even cars can frighten him. He does therefore dislike new environments. He has been having some more intense training to try and make him get used to different noises.

Humbug is a big lovely boy who loves to play with toys, especially if they are squeaky! One of his favourite treats is to nibble on one or two Markies!

If you would like to help us to take care of Humbug, you can do so easily by sponsoring him.

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