Project Description

Mia and Jess were brought into us after their owners experienced a change in circumstances which lead to the heartbreaking decision of giving them up. Mia is the more confident of the pair, whilst Jess will take a little longer to come round to the idea of being your new bestie! They haven’t shown any negative signs towards the other cats since being with us, so may be fine to live with another compatible feline friend in the future, however Jess doesn’t like dogs! We feel a family home with cat savvy children aged 8 years plus will be ideal for the sisters as they will be given the time they need to settle in before allowing themselves to open up more. They have always been kept as indoor cats and given their age we think it’s best that this continues in their new home as this is what they’re used to and they won’t have much road sense. Mia has arthritis and is currently coping well but may need pain management in the future. The cat staff have quickly fallen in love with the girls who love nothing more than cuddles and kisses, and we know that whoever comes to meet them will instantly fall in love with them too!