Project Description

Molly was brought into us with her siblings Suki, Chamos and Tia as their owners mother in laws health deteriated and they couldn’t cope. She is the most timid of the 4 however once she’s comfortable it doesn’t take much to make her melt like butter! Molly needed a dental operation when she first arrived, this has now ben treated but she has been left with a noticeable (but adorable) snagged lip. She has lived with her 3 other siblings and is currently sharing one of our outside pens with them. We are happy to rehome her with one or more of her siblings as she hasn’t shown any negative signs towards other cats and she loves to cuddle with her fur-mates or on her own . With her being as timid as she is, we feel an adult or teen only home will be ideal for her so she can be given all the time she needs to settle. Once settled she will need outdoor access as this is what she was used too.