Project Description

Meet Molly! She was brought into us with two other cats called Mia and Jess but didn’t really bond so her sisters have now been rehomed. She is a little timid to begin with but becomes a super needy, loving little lady once she feels comfortable! We feel a family home with cat savvy children aged 8 years plus, will be ideal for this princess as she will be given the time she needs to settle in before coming round to being your new bestie. In addition to this, whilst Molly has been with us she has shown signs that she doesn’t like other cats so we are looking for a home where she would be the only pet, so she can get all the attention her heart desires! Molly has to be kept as an indoor cat due to having hyperthyroidism, which means she has daily medication and requires blood tests every 3 months. Due to her condition, there is additional costs for Molly’s medication, regular blood tests to ensure her treatment is keeping her condition under control and occasional health check-ups. This madam has been at the sanctuary since January and we do believe tis is due to her age and health issue, but we can promise her cuddly personality and squeaky meow make that all worth while!