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Project Description

This gorgeous boy is 17 years old and came to Bleakholt after living in the same home from being a kitten and he only came to us because his owner’s new baby is allergic. He has a hyperthyroid condition and is on medication for this.

Paws was really struggling with life at the Sanctuary, so a member of our Cat Staff has decided to foster him on a long term basis. He has tons of character but people were put off by his grumpy nature which was only due to being so stressed in the Cattery – he spent so long in the same familiar home.

Since he has settled down in his new home, he is much happier and enjoys nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa. Cheekily, Paws also tries to pinch the food off his fosterers plate when she isn’t looking!

If you can help us to take care of dear Paws, please consider sponsoring him.

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