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Project Description

Pip is a 5 year old cream and white Lhasa Cross. Unfortunately he suffers from a liver problem which means he is on a special diet, but that doesn’t stop him enjoying life! Pip struggles to settle into a new environment or situation and this has made him somewhat unpredictable in the home through no fault of his own. Luckily, he loves living in our ‘Old Woofs’ house and enjoys all the TLC he gets there!

Pip is a very happy little soul who loves to take naps with his favourite cuddly toy, which just happens to be Minnie Mouse! However he doesn’t like anyone going near his bed where he obviously feels very safe.

He loves to burn off his energy running around the field, especially when his best friend Bonnie the Sheltie comes to see him. They are very close and even shared a kennel before Bonnie found her new home. It’s great catching up on visits though!

If you would like to help us to take care of Pip, you can do so by sponsoring him.

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