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Project Description

Po and Maria arrived at Bleakholt through no fault of their own. Sadly their owner passed away. Po is a sweet 10 year old lady who has Microthalmia, this means her eyes are very small and therefore don’t function correctly, making her blind. She is on eye lubricant for this for the rest of her life but is happy to have it done as long as she knows you are coming. As well as the lubricant, she needs her eyes bathing when they become gunky. Po can be very hissy and will swipe quickly if she feels under threat as she cannot see what is coming. Po has a friend called Maria. She is a very loving lady who is 14 years old and ha a lot to say for herself. Due to Po’s poor sight, Maria helps her get around and keeps her company. The girls are looking for a quiet home with a patient and loving owner. No dogs, cats or children.