Project Description

Meet Smudge! He was brought into us after his owner unfortunately went into care and couldn’t take him with her. We have been told that in their previous home, Smudge was always very confident and loving. It took him quite some time to come around with us initially, but he has made so much progress in recent weeks and needs a patient owner in a quiet home where he can continue this. He spends most his day snoozing and dreaming of all of the birds he could chatter to, and (when awake) he’ll sit and stare adoringly into your eyes waiting for a stroke and chin scratch. We are looking for a dog free home as this is what he is used to, but we feel a compatible feline friend may help bring him further out of his shell. In regards to children, we feel a home with cat-experienced kids aged 10+ would be preferred as we are looking for an understanding family who knows that this isn’t his true personalities and that he will be a little scared to begin with. Kids who understand that he may not be instant lap cats or like loud noises and understand that it may him some time to come around, would be ideal. Smudge will want to go outside after their settle period in his new home, so his new home needs to be far enough away from high traffic areas or main roads.