Project Description

Tommy was brought into us as his owner became unwell and could no longer provide the care he deserved. Tommy has been with us since December 2023 as he was suffering with a damaged stomach. For this reason, Tommy is on a special diet, eating Gastrointestinal food, alongside long-term medication (Prednisalone) which goes on his breakfast. It is important to note that Tommy’s stomach issues cause him to have soft stools regularly as we think he has had a previous illness that has permanently damaged his stomach lining, but don’t let that you put you off! He is a misunderstood chap who is looking for someone to give him a second chance, that can give him the home where he can settle and relax. We think that he is stressed here at Bleakholt, which won’t help his stomach issues either. However, once he’s settled, we think his current agitation and moodiness will relax. He can be a little unpredictable on what he wants, and he’ll let you know once he’s ready for some alone time. He is just a boy who is going through alot and is looking for an understanding family that knows this isn’t his true self. We think it would be best for Tommy to go to a home without any other pets, so there are less potential triggers for stress, aswell as kids aged 13+ would be ideal. Once fully settled into his new home, he will require outdoor access as this is what he is used to.