Rabbit Awareness Week 2018

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Rabbit Awareness Week 2018

Rabbit Awareness Week 2nd-10th June 2018

This time Rabbit Awareness Week is about the best foods for your rabbit and the problems that can be caused by feeding your bunny Muesli type foods that often lead to selective eating.

Selective eating is when your rabbit will often pick out the high starch elements of the muesli-type diet and leave the rest, which is typically the pellets or high fibre elements. This type of feeding results in an unbalanced diet and a lower hay/water intake which can lead to dental and digestive issues.

Pellet type foods and a hay based diet are definitely recommended.

There are information posters for our visitors at the Sanctuary and please feel free to discuss recommended foods with our Farm Staff who are always happy to help.

We also have free colouring sheets for the children on this subject.

Our on-site shop also stocks vet recommended rabbit food and of course the proceeds of the shop go to our Sanctuary.

For loads more information please go to:  www.rabbitawarenessweek.co.uk  

Here’s some Bleakholt bunnies!

A little P.S.

It’s worth knowing that Rabbits are highly social animals and should ideally be kept in pairs at least. Like us, rabbits can become lonely without social interaction, which can have a negative effect on their behaviour and health. Rabbits do enjoy spending time with their owners, however they naturally prefer the company of other rabbits and therefore should be kept with at least one.

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