Tiny new girl gets big welcome

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Tiny new girl gets big welcome

Let us introduce you to our latest addition to our Stables, Cassie, a.k.a. Cassandra. She is a 22 year old Shetland pony and has come to Bleakholt to retire due to her owner’s poor health. Cassie is the cutest thing at only 32” high but this makes her only the 2nd smallest on the yard with Tweedle just about beating her.

She is settling in really well, is very sassy and has a big personality for such a little lady. Elvis was smitten with her straight away and has become her new best friend. He even defends her against the biggest of horses even if they just want to say hello! They have even been spotted doing some mutual grooming which is always a really lovely moment. They love running around the arena together and are equally happy to stand together and have a quiet moment.

She can be seen below, freshly bathed and looking adorable in her blanket. But it seems like Cassie was also keen to get in the mood for Easter too!

Cassie is of course available for sponsorship and you can download a form here.

Something tells us that little Cassie is in for a perfect retirement with us at Bleakholt…….

UPDATE – 5 MAY 2017

It looks like Cassie has finally made her choice. Below is Tweedle with little Cassie and he fell in love with her as soon as they met! It seems hard work and determination will get you there in the end as Tweedle has finally won little Cassie’s affection! After a few weeks of him following her every step and defending her from any other pony Cassie has finally accepted him! Everyone say awwwww…….

As for Elvis, Cassie may have only had eyes for him in the beginning and they are still good friends, but Elvis does think he’s a lot bigger than he is and tends to hang around with the bigger ponies. Still, all’s well that ends well.

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