Urgent Medical Help Needed!

//Urgent Medical Help Needed!

Urgent Medical Help Needed!


Axel has now had his op and he is the proud owner of a brand new kneecap! It all went really well and the Vet is very pleased with him. He can’t wait to be jumping around again (expect chaos!) but we tell him he has to stay calm until he’s better. Such a good boy, good job he loves his bed!

Elmo has now had his other ear done and is doing really well, even if he does do his best to try to get rid of the cone thing on his head! He is a different boy now already – so much more comfortable and pain free – yippee! He may only have one ear but he’s still a handsome lad!

We really can’t thank you enough for all the help and support you have given us at such a difficult time for you all. We raised an amazing £5,600 towards the two operations and are absolutely over the moon! Can’t tell you how much this means to us!

Special thanks too to West Country Bullie Walks, a charity who helps bullies in rescues with their medical bills, who kindly donated £400 for Axel! Thank you so much guys!

Phew! It’s just onwards and upwards now for these 2 fabulous furbabies! Great scar Axel!


Two of our residents urgently need some extra special care. We are determined to give them just that, as this is what we do! Elmo and Axel both need expensive operations and we are hoping that you may be able to help us to help them. Elmo’s op will cost around £3,000 and Axel’s around £4,000.

Gorgeous boy Elmo is a 12 yr old kitty who we took in as a rescue. This poor boy had polyps in both ears plus an aural haematoma in his left ear (blood blister inside his ear flap when a blood vessel bursts) and was in a lot of discomfort. After seeking specialist Vet advice, it was confirmed that Elmo needed two major ops as soon as possible to remove his ear canals to give him a chance for a normal, happy pain-free life. He has now had one ear done and will have the other done as soon as he recovers – he is doing really well so far. He is such a sweet boy and loves attention and exploring!

Meet the handsome Axel who is a 4 yr old English Bull Terrier. Axel has a damaged kneecap and cartilage erosion and needs corrective surgery to give him a chance of a good future. Untreated, as well as pain and discomfort, this would lead to other problems such as arthritis – a lasting condition. He loves his exercise but this is currently severely restricted and he is waiting for a date for his op. Axel is definitely a cuddle monster!

We hope we will be able to find loving forever homes for Elmo and Axel once they are fully recovered.

If you can help them, please go to our JustGiving Appeal at:


or use the Donate button on our Facebook page (reference Elmo&Axel please), here via our website, Bacs transfer or through the post.

               Please Gift Aid if you can so we can get an extra 25p per pound donated.


Thank you for your continuing support – you have all been amazing in such difficult times

Please note that if we are lucky enough to reach our operation costs, any donations over that amount will go towards their medication and food costs, or that of their friends, so please only donate if you are happy with that!

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