Legacies – your greatest gift

Leaving a gift in your Will to Bleakholt will help change animals lives and ensure we can continue to care for those that have no one

Every year, Bleakholt care for neglected, injured and homeless animals. Our work is only made possible by gifts in Wills. They help provide the life-saving operations, warmth and shelter to give every animal the second chance at life they deserve.

There are three principal types of Legacy:

  • Residuary Gift – is the gift of all (or part) of the value of your estate after all debts, liabilities and other legacies have been paid. This is usually the most valuable kind of legacy for the Sanctuary.
  • Pecuniary Gift – is the gift of a specified sum of money.
  • Specific – is the gift of a specific item of value such as property, jewellery or maybe a painting

If you have already made your Will and decide that you would like to add a gift to Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary, a codicil is a good, inexpensive way to do so. Adding a codicil to your Will enables you to leave a legacy to us whilst ensuring that the other provisions remain untouched and you won’t have to pay for your Will to be completely rewritten.

Your gift could go to general funds and thereafter help us with our day to day bills for food, veterinary services and the many other expenses of running a busy rescue centre.

You can also specify that you want your gift to be used in a certain way. This could be simply which section you preferred i.e. stables, dogs, cats or farm sections, or you could discuss with us a specific project that you would like to help fund. You may even have a proposal for the development of the Sanctuary that we haven’t thought of yet

Write your will for free!

Bleakholt have linked up with Octopus Legacy to offer you the chance to write your will for FREE.

Having a Will doesn’t just save your loved ones time, money and stress, but it is also a chance to make a difference to us at Bleakholt Animal Sanctuary by including a gift in your Will.

You will be able to help animals like our blind kitten Cece, or tiny dog Pickle who celebrated his fifth birthday recently after coming to us weighing less than a bag of sugar. Then there’s also our horses, rabbits, pigs, mules, donkeys, goats and more!

Octopus Legacy make it really simple and it can be done free either online, over the phone or in person with a solicitor.  They provide:

  •  On hand support
  •  Easy-step-by-step process
  •  Done in as little as 15 minutes
  •  From the comfort of your home, online, over the phone, or face to face.
  •  … and FREE!

To claim your free Will, please click here