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Veterinary Costs per week
Utilities per week
Animal Food per week
Prescription Food per week
Cleaning Costs per week
Refuse Removal per week
Maintenance and Repair per week
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Your Donations

Bleakholt is very lucky to have so many good friends who make donations to the Charity.  We know that it is completely unrealistic to fund our work from just a few major contributors. Even if we could do this it would leave us very vulnerable to changes in our contributor’s circumstances.

The reality is that is we get a large number of smaller donations that come from hundreds of wonderful people, including some who remain anonymous.  If you are one of these marvellous people thank you is nowhere near a sufficient response.

What does it cost to run Bleakholt?

If we ask this question of someone, it is very rare for anyone to get close to the actual figure.

In fact our annual funding requirements are OVER £1,600,000 per year!

This does not include any development in our facilities or services although we have done a lot of development over the last ten years that is not included in this figure.

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How would my donation help?

This is something that might take some of you by surprise and here are just a few examples of our ever increasing costs:

Annually Weekly
All Veterinary Costs £312,000.00 £6,000.00
Utilities £70,700.00 £1359.00
Animal Food £61,000.00 £1200.00
Special Prescription food  £10,550.00  £210.00
Animal Cleaning costs  £19,605.00  £380.00
Refuse Removal  £27,245.00  £525.00
Maintenance & Repair  £23,400.00  £450.00

An important source of funding comes from legacies from our supporters, sometimes donations from business and industry, but most often donations from supporters who are keen to assist with our survival.  Sometimes we are asked if the money can be targeted to specific projects and we are happy to do this wherever possible. This is the reason why some of our buildings have names such as Waddington Kennels and Keller Kennels.

Whatever you are thinking of doing for us we are very grateful to you. You and others like you play a very important part in Bleakholt’s future.  The public often tell us what good work we are doing and this is wonderful to hear!  However without all of you behind us we couldn’t work towards a better future for all our animals and our Sanctuary.

So thank you all for everything you do for us