Sponsor a Cat

Why Sponsorship is so important to us

Even though we find new homes for over 1,300 animals per year we are asked to take in many more.  The cost of caring for any animal is steadily rising and that is why we need your help. We find that we are increasingly admitting animals with severe – sometimes urgent – medical problems and we always try to help as that is what we do! Our Sanctuary is totally dependent on the generosity of people like you to help us to care for those who have no-one.  We do not receive any government funding at all.

Most of our animals find loving new homes but those who need a little extra care will always be safe and happy with us.  If you can help to support one of our animals who are residents for life because they need a little extra care, then they will be getting some extra love from you too!

Sponsoring one of our cats

Sponsorship costs just £25 per year and this is a wonderful contribution to the cost of care for your animal. You will receive a sponsorship certificate with a photo of your sponsored animal, an info sheet on your animal and a sponsor badge to wear proudly. They’ve all got loads of love to give – all they need is a best friend like you!



  • Breed: Domestic S.H (short hair)
  • Female 19 years 5 months

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